Garmentory, a leading digital marketplace for fashion-savvy individuals, tapped our team to guide them in overcoming the Facebook algorithm. After a few weeks of running ads, we discovered some key strategies that turned a profit, so we doubled down on those results. What started as an experiment, quickly grew to become a successful component of their overall digital advertising strategy.

After 8 months of running ads for the platform, Garmentory’s budget increased by 2,100% and by the end of the year, our ads brought the company over $1.5 million in sales.

We really enjoyed working with Arcade on managing our paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns. What began as a small experiment evolved to become an integral part of our overall paid marketing strategy and we’re so grateful for the knowledge that the Arcade team brought to the table. We’ve been really impressed with the results that Arcade has been able to deliver to us via Facebook and Instagram paid campaigns. We’d highly recommend them to any other e-commerce business who’s looking to expand their social reach via paid campaigns.
— Elisa Kosonen, VP of Communications, Garmentory