Arcade is a digital-forward creative agency specializing in social media marketing, content production, and digital advertising.

We've curated our team with the same intention and attention to detail that we apply to every client partnership.

Each individual on our roster brings a unique portfolio of talent and experience that contributes directly to the high calibre service that we deliver daily.


Mike Payne

Partner, Client Services

Mike is an accomplished marketing strategist, and part-time sneakerhead. His career has intentionally revolved around the focuses of art and consumer experience, and he is driven to help his peers and customers accomplish their goals, grow, and get where they're trying to go. Now leading client services at Arcade, Mike is also an active public speaker with numerous recent engagements including TEDx, Next Big Thing, and Startup Canada.


Mitzi Payne

Partner, Marketing Director

Mitzi’s obsession with digital storytelling started early. Armed with a journalism degree, she cut her teeth at Vancouver-based luxury lifestyle publications, managed a community of die-hard Indie Rock fans, and covered a U.S. presidential election. She narrowed her focus to social media in 2016, and has been staring at her phone with intention ever since. As leader of all social and digital at Arcade she serves clients all across the continent and can speak algorithm in her sleep.


Drew Simonar

Art Director

Drew’s design experience includes notable award-winning projects, and he is now charged with leading Arcade’s creative team. His body of work includes branding, styling, print marketing, web development and digital asset creation. Drew's travels and time in the aisles of IKEA have developed his clean, minimal and functional style. True to Scandinavian form, he creates content that satisfies both business and creative goals.


Josiah Sinanan

Digital Lead

Josiah carries a diverse background working with an array of cultures, people, and environments that have shaped his ability to put himself in the shoes of others. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and being bilingual French, Josiah has lived in Europe, Africa, and around North America with experience in social media marketing, nonprofit curriculum design, and public speaking. Josiah's passion is people and brands, and when he isn’t doing copywriting or maintaining ads, he is socializing or hosting his podcast.


Jill Tranquilla

Content Producer

Jill has been creating and shooting content for brands and digital environments for as long as she can remember. Upon completing her Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts at the Alberta College of Art + Design, Jill's multifaceted skills launched her into freelancing before joining the Arcade team as Content Producer, with a focus on photography and videography. When she’s not behind the camera, she can be found catching up on current trends, working on creative projects, and dancing.